Shannon and Charlie - A love story

Updated: Apr 16

Well it happened for Shannon and Charlie

Shannon waited since November 2020 for Charlie to be approachable. Shannon took him to weekly training classes at K9SOS where she and Charlie completed the 6 week course. The kennel was put up last week by Leon and Jayson Parker since Brian Fernandez was in a motorcycle vs car accident and in the hospital. The no-dig wire was placed with pea gravel. Tonight the fan will be placed along with the wooden framed straw bed for Charlie.

Tonight Charlie is a part of wonderful loving family and we couldn’t be happier for him to go home. New collar, new leash, new life - wishing you the best Charlie - come back and visit us. You will be missed but we are excited for your journey

Charlie was the frightened dog from Darr Road who would bury his food and water with straw. He would never eat the entire thing. This was his survival mode which made us sad to see. Charlie had to always have some food left in case there wasn’t any the next day. Tonight Charlie is going back to Darr road a changed dog - one who will never have to worry about food or water. Congratulations to all of you - you all will be a big part of the WAR family.

Please remember some of these dogs have been severely damaged by their prior owners - understanding the needs of a dog with such fears takes years to understand.

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