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Updated: Apr 16

Off of Arch road in Stockton - this little pup made his way into the hearts of the caring community in Stockton. We went out a few weeks ago to get this dog to safety. Lily who lived nearby was trying to get him the help he deserved.

Unfortunately, two weeks ago - the trap was too short and smacked him in the rump and he quickly was able to back out. A series of bad choices were made and the dog quickly ran across 4 busy roads. We closed our eyes at times; worried that we would witness this beautiful dog get hit by a car.

He ran and we could not find him. Lily continued to keep an eye out for him and notified us that she had spotted him and had began making friends with him. Lily was petting him and soon they became friends. Lily is a very special and kind person.

When social media got wind of the dog being out on Arch road. Things started to get overwhelming because of a series of set backs that required the dog to be re-set. Constant interference can result in the dog getting hurt and create the process to drag on. People always mean well but it can extend the time the dog is out.

A plan was devised last night and WAR’s team went back out with every intention to bring him back. Medical intervention was a priority. We set the traps - yes, traps. Lily was out there and let us know that the people selling tamales were setting up. We asked them to move down so the dog could go into the trap.

When the young lady went to set her sign up. The dog was jumping on her and wagging his tell. You could tell they had a special bond. We asked if she could put the slip rope on him and she said she couldn’t. As I walked closer and was petting him - I slid the rope and choke chain around his neck.

We spoke to the young lady and she wants to adopt him. We picked the dog up and away we went to Bruceville Pet Hospital where Dr Gill and Teryn quickly took care of this sweet dog. I estimated his weight as being 30 pounds because he seemed so thin. His actual weight was 50 pounds.

Films, vaccines, blood tests, foxtails extracted, flea and tick medicine were all given. Dr Gill went over the results and suggested we meet with specialists. Meanwhile, we were in contact with Stockton Animal Shelter staff and providing them with all the information for their records. Faxed over the required paperwork and getting more suggestions from our good friends at the Stockton Animal Shelter.

Then the official meeting of his greatest admirer, Lily. He is now at Lily’s where he will be getting crate rest per the veterinarians orders, crate trained, and potty trained.

He will get meals on a regular basis and as much water as he can drink. He met some other dogs and then he met some cats and is getting along with all of them. He will also be getting some anti-inflammatory medication to help him with any swelling.

Xrays showed old fractures on both femurs that did not heal properly and possibly and ACL injury. More veterinarians to review and make recommendations that we will follow.

Below are the pictures if today’s adventure with the Arch road pup. WAR has their own team and volunteers who often come out to assist getting these dogs to safety. Leon Eisenbrandt has developed and fine tuned some of the traps that make trapping a little easier for catching multiple dogs at once. WAR supports all animal control agencies

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